Fire wood missing

Unfortunately, we have had major problems with firewood handling this summer. Thanks to so many people visiting Glaskogen, the consumption of firewood is increasing and we have also suffered from machine and vehicle breakdowns. But now we are starting to stock up on firewood in all places again.

However, firewood is currently missing at: no. 8 Kalven, no. 9 Rågärdsviken, no. 10 Manjatjärn, no. 13 Brånestad, no. 14 Skagern, no. 16 Siktjärn, no. 18 Vedviken, no. 20 St. Abbortj, no. 26 Södra Sundsudden, no. 29 St. Skärvattnet, no. 31 Olles Vindskydd, no. 36 Holmtj, no. 37 Älmhedslångtjärn, no. 39 Öjesjön, no. 44 Svarthagstjärnet, no. 48 Åltjärn, no. 49 Holmtjärn, no. 50 Stora Mörttjärn and no. 53 Älveberget.

Please call for up-to-date information on +46 570-440 70. There is also firewood to pick up at our Infocenter so you can take it with you on your trip. Greetings, Team Glaskogen

Uppdated November 16th 2022