Big Fire Danger

Right now it is very dry in the forest and land which means that there is a big risk of forest fire within the Glaskogen nature reserve. Make only a fire in our official fireplaces. Fire very carefully and make sure the fire can not spread. Always extinguish the fire completely before leaving the site.

Also keep in mind that shards of glass etc. in sunlight can start a fire. Cigarettes must not be thrown on the ground.

Keep track of any fire bans. We will inform here and on social media if a fire ban is introduced. We would also like to recommend MSB’s app “Brandrisk Ute” (in English), where there is always up-to-date information about the your current position. Also keep in mind that there are different levels of fire bans. So read carefully before you go out and make a fire.

Fire carefully and sparingly and have a nice time in Glaskogen! Team Glaskogen