Liming with helicopters in Glaskogen

The Kalkningsförbundet announced last night that liming within the Glaskogen nature reserve will take place on Monday, July 31 and possibly Tuesday, August 1. This means low helicopter flights and the deposition of lime over various waters in the Glaskogen.

The helicopterpilots are doing their job carefully and always controll the area if there are any hikers och paddlers before they send down the lime.

Please don’t park your cars at the big lime sacks as the helicopter will go down there to pick up the lime.


Fire wood missing at some places

The following windshelters don’t have fire wood:  

20 Abbortjärn 

36 Holmtjärn*

39 Öjesjön 

44 Svarthagstjärnet*

48 Åltjärn*

49 Holmtjärn*

50 Stora Mörttjärn*

We work on getting fire wood to all places continously. But places marked * will not have fire wood during 2023.

Please fire responsively and sparingly.

Best regards, team Glaskogen


Update fire wood

Wood is currently missing at the following shelters:

20 Abbortjärn, 36* Holmtjärn, 39* Öjesjön, 44* Svarthagstjärnet, 48* Åltjärn, 49* Holmtjärn, 50* Stora Mörttjärn and 54 Lerviksudden.

Firewood is delivered continuously. The information is updated as soon as there are changes in the wood supply. Places marked with * will not receive firewood during 2023.

Remember to fire carefully and sparingly.

Best regards, Team Glaskogen


Fire wood missing at some places

Fire wood is missing at the following wind shelters:

10-Manjatjärn 20-Abbortjärn 29-Skärvattnet 34-Svarttjärn 36*-Holmtjärn 39*-Öjesjön 44*-Svarthagstjärnet 48*-Åltjärn  49*-Holmtjärn 50*-Stora Mörttjärn 53-Älveberget 54-Lerviksudden

We work continuously on getting out fire wood where it is missing. Updates will come as soon there are any changes.

Places marked with * will not be with fire wood during 2023.

Best regards, Team Glaskogen


Fire wood missing at following places

Wind shelters

10-Manjatjärn 20-Abbortjärn 29-Skärvattnet 34-Svarttjärn 36-Holmtjärn 39-Öjesjön 44-Svarthagstjärnet 48-Åltjärn 49-Holmtjärn 50-Stora Mörttjärn 53-Älveberget 54-Lerviksudden

We work continuously on getting out fire wood and update our information as soon as there are any changes.

Best regards, Team Glaskogen



In the whole nature reserve Glaskogen, it is now forbidden to make fires with solid fuel (wood, coal, grass, rice and branches). It is still possible to make a fire in our official fireplaces that are marked on our map and with spirit or gas stoves. But be very careful!

Best regards, team Glaskogen


Overnight cabin at Dammarna closed between 19th June and 17th Septembre

We will close our overnight cabin at Dammarna during the high season this year. We do this in order to be on site at one of our most visited locations in Glaskogen. We will have staff at Dammarna every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday during July and August. We will document the visitor pressure and flows and analyze the needs to be able to develop the site for 2024.

At the same time, we inform about Glaskogen, sell Glaskogen Conservation Cards and fishing licenses, ice cream, drinks and other necessities.

We will also rent out 4 canoes at Dammarna.

Best regards, team Glaskogen


Big Fire Danger

Right now it is very dry in the forest and land which means that there is a big risk of forest fire within the Glaskogen nature reserve. Make only a fire in our official fireplaces. Fire very carefully and make sure the fire can not spread. Always extinguish the fire completely before leaving the site.

Also keep in mind that shards of glass etc. in sunlight can start a fire. Cigarettes must not be thrown on the ground.

Keep track of any fire bans. We will inform here and on social media if a fire ban is introduced. We would also like to recommend MSB’s app “Brandrisk Ute” (in English), where there is always up-to-date information about the your current position. Also keep in mind that there are different levels of fire bans. So read carefully before you go out and make a fire.

Fire carefully and sparingly and have a nice time in Glaskogen! Team Glaskogen


No boats at lake Lelången

Right now our boats at lake Lelången have to be mented and are not available. They will be back at the end of this week. Best regards, team Glaskogen


Fire wood missing at some places

There is fire wood missing at following places in Glaskogen:

10-Manjatjärn 20-Abbortjärn 29-Skärvattnet 34-Svarttjärn 36-Holmtjärn
37-Älmhedslångtjärn 53-Älveberget 54-Lerviksudden

We work on getting out fire wood to all places all year around. But this year there will be no fire wood at this places in Glaskogen:

36-Holmtjärn 39-Öjesjön 44-Svarthagstjärnet 48-Åltjärn 49-Holmtjärn 50-Stora Mörttjärn

This information will be uppdated as soon there are news. Best regards, Team Glaskogen