Moose hunt in the Glaskogen nature reserve

The moose hunt in the Glaskogen nature reserv begins every year on October 8 and lasts until January 31. It is mostly hunted in the beginning during the first two weeks, but then there is mainly weekend hunting during the entire period. From 18 August, there will also be deer hunting until 31 January.


Dogs on the leash!

Please remember to keep your four-legged friends on a leash at all times. Whether dog or other pet. And that applies all year round and in the entire Glaskogen nature reserve! Thank you for your consideration!


No bike rental

We don’t offer any bike rental right now but are planning for good biking experiences next year.


Poor coverage in Glaskogen

Both mobile coverage and internet reception are non-existent in many places in Glaskogen. It is not always possible to make calls or go online. But it is always possible to reach 112 in an emergency situation. We offer free wifi for our visitors at Infocenter and Café Carl in Lenungshammar.