Phone problems

Right now we are having problems with our phone number +46 570-44070. If you cannot reach us, email or call + 46 570-81828 in urgent matters. We hope that we will have solved the problem soon. Best regards, team Glaskogen. March 16 2023.


Shortage of firewood

Update: there is still a shortage of firewood at the following locations: no. 10 Manjatjärn, No. 13, no. 20 St. Abbort, no. 29 St. Skärvattnet, no. 36 Holmtjärn, no. 37 Älmhedslångtjärn, no. 39 Öjesjön, no. 44 Svarthagstjärnet, no. 48 Åltjärn, no. 49 Holmtjärn, no. 50 Stora Mörttjärn and no. 53 Älveberget. Greetings, Team Glaskogen. 7th February 2023


Problems with our booking system

We have problems with our booking system right now and work on solving the problems. Best regards, Team Glaskogen (6th February 2023)


Firewood missing

Unfortunately, we have had major problems with firewood handling.. Thanks to so many people visiting Glaskogen, the consumption of firewood is increasing and we have also suffered from machine and vehicle breakdowns. But we work full time to stock up on firewood in all places again.

However, firewood is currently missing at: no. 8 Kalven, no. 9 Rågärdsviken, no. 10 Manjatjärn, no. 14 Skagern, no. 16 Siktjärn, no. 18 Vedviken, no. 20 St. Abbortj, no. 29 St. Skärvattnet, no. 36 Holmtj, no. 37 Älmhedslångtjärn, no. 39 Öjesjön, no. 44 Svarthagstjärnet, no. 48 Åltjärn, no. 49 Holmtjärn, no. 50 Stora Mörttjärn and no. 53 Älveberget.

Greetings, Team Glaskogen

Uppdated December 19th 2022


CAUTION! Risk of forest fires

There is a risk of forest fires in Glaskogen right now, so be extra careful when you fire and make sure to put out the fire completely before you leave the place. And fire only in our prepared fireplaces that are on our Glass Forest map. Leave no trace! Team Glaskogen


Ban on camping with motor vehicels in the Glaskogen nature reserve at other than prepared and designated places

Due to the fact that more and more motorhomes and similar camps are in the Glaskogen nature reserve, large natural values ​​and values ​​for outdoor life have been negatively affected in recent years. In order to protect these values, the County Administrative Board of Värmland has this spring decided on a ban on setting up caravans, motorhomes or the like in places other than specially prepared and designated places. We are currently developing more pitches in different places in the reserve, but are currently referring to the campsite in Lenungshammar. Regards, Team Glaskogen


Take the new bus to Glaskogen and get a free 3-days Glaskogen Card for free

Between 26 June and 16 August you can take the bus to Lenungshammar, in the heart of Glaskogen! The bus runs between Karlstad, Grums, Värmskog, Glava, Lenungshammar, Sulvik, Jössefors and Glaskogen. So now it is easy to travel by train or bus from, for example, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö to Karlstad and Arvika and then take the new summer bus 130 to Glaskogen. Timetable and prices etc. can be found here You get your free three-day Glaskogen card (value SEK 200) when you show your bus ticket in our Info Center in Lenungshammar! We look forward to your visit!


Overnight cabin no 45 in Gängene not longer available

Our overnight cabin no 45 in Gängene is not longer available and has now a private owner. Nearby, however, are rest huts no. 3 and windbreaks no. 48, 49 and 44. Have a good trip! Team Glaskogen. 30 Maj 2022


Boats for transportion on lake Lelången back again

Our boats for transportion over lake Lelången are back again. Best regards, Team Glaskogen


Firewood is missing at following places

Firewood is missing at following places: nr 36 Holmetjärn, nr 39 Öjesjön, nr 44 Svarthagstjärnet, nr 48 Åltjärn, nr 49 Holmtjärn and nr 50 St. Mörttjärn.

You find the numbers on our Glaskogen map (that you can buy online). We work continuously on getting fire wood to all places. Team Glaskogen. 29 April 2022.