Hiking in Glaskogen

Bring your backpack and experience nature in the best possible way. Hiking is a relaxing and healthy way to exercise, and also gives you great opportunities to enjoy nature. Glaskogen offers 300 km of hiking trails, you can choose anything from a round trip for a few hours or weekly tours without having to take the same trail twice.

All trails are marked with orange, there are signs in the crossings, and along the paths there are windshelters, overnight cabins and resting places. However, you still ought to bring your own tent just in case the overnight cabins and windshelters are already occupied. A compass might come to hand. In summer Glaskogen has lots of visitors but if you come in autum, spring and winter you can really enjoy nature, tranquility and the feeling of wilderness.

Buy our Glaskogen map and our leaflet “Hiking tours in Glaskogen” with 14 different tour suggestions to plan your Glaskogen experience and to have with you on your tour.

Mobile coverage

The coverage for your mobile phone can be very poor at some spots in Glaskogen. The coverage varies a lot in this area. Tell your friends and family where you are and when they can expect you back in “civilisation” so that no one has to worry.

Modern forestry

In the Glaskogen nature reserve modern forestry is practiced. There are only some woods that are totally protected from forestry. The industrial vehicles require sufficient space for maneuvering and loading. Please do not park on roads and turning areas intended for forestry. Do not enter paths and areas where forest operations are running. Danger to life!

The Glaskogen conservation card

You buy the Glaskogen card, our conservation card for Glaskogen, when you hike, paddle, cycle and/or fish in the Glaskogen nature reserve and use firewood and fireplaces, wind shelters, overnight cabins, dustbins and toilets n the nature reserve.

Your contribution makes a difference and increases our opportunities to offer even better service in the future. All for you to have a magical and easy wilderness experience. The money paid for the Glaskogen card goes directly to the care and maintenance of the area.

Overnight stay a maximum of two days per place and time. The card is not valid for overnight stays at the campsite in Lenungshammar.

Children under 16 free. For a group discount, contact the Foundation Glaskogen.

Choose which variant of card you want to buy – day card, day card, three-day card, weekly card or annual card – fill in the name of the person who will have the card and fill in the date you arrive at Glaskogen.

You can also buy the permit via iFISKE.

The Glaskogen card can be bought at the following places:
The Infocentre in Lenungshammar, the Tourist Office in Arvika, Hotell Årjäng, Arvika Kanot- and Touristcentre, the petrol station in Glava, ICA Glava, Sölje Camping, Guesthouse Eleven in Jössefors and Sommarvik Swecamp in Årjäng.

Glaskogen map – the nature reserve map

The Glaskogen map shows all the outdoor infrastructure in the nature reserve Glaskogen and all other information you need for your visit. Use the map for planning your tour and of course during your visit. The map is in English, waterproof and in the scale of 1:50 000. You can buy the map, our hiking tour leaflet and Glaskogen card and much more through the button below. We will send your order within 5 working days.

Over night cabins

In the area there are cabins wich you can use when you buy the Glaskogen card (beds without mattresses) maximum 2 days in a row.

The overnight cabin in Dammarna will be closed to the public from July 1 – September 5.

The cabin is instead open as Infocenter, kiosk and canoe center on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Here you get all the information about Glaskogen and can buy maps, Glaskogen cards, fishing licenses and rent canoes. We also sell ice cream, drinks, snacks and souvenirs.