Firewood – current status

Updated 10 July 2024

Firewood is missing at the following wind shelters right now: 

  • 36 Holmtjärn*
  • 44 Svarthagstjärnet* 

Firewood is delivered continuously and we expect to deliver firewood to all places that are not marked with * before the summer 2024.

Places marked with * are difficult for us to reach, but we hope to be able to deliver firewood to these places later on during 2024. The wood is often wet this time of year.

Take good lighting material with you to start a fire and remember to fire carefully and sparingly.

Hiking Trails – current status

Updated 10 JuLy 2024

Trail over Rödvattensberget

At the moment, we do not recommend hiking on the trail over Rödvattensberget, where wind shelter no. 44 is located. (Glaskogen map S19-S21). This is because a large number of spruces have died as a result of spruce bark beetle infestation in the Natura 2000 area. These firs have a tendency to quickly become brittle and suddenly fall or break off, which means that staying in this area is risky. The trail is also difficult to access due to already fallen trees.

To hike between Dammarna and Gängene, we instead recommend the hiking trail from Dammarna, along the shoreline at Stora Gla via Rämåna, further on to Gängne along a gravel road.