By bike through Glaskogen

Glaskogen offers you a comfortable way to experience nature by bike. The small gravel roads winding along the lakes and through the dense forests provide a complete nature experience with the possibility of seeing wild animals, take a fika or a swim. The hiking trails are however not suitable for bikes.

Suggested bike tours

  • 1-2 hours, the Glasbruket tour, some 18 kilometres, easy, gravel and asphalt
  • 4-6 hours, the Övre Gla tour, appr. 30 km, medium, view on the lake during almost the entire tour, gravel road
  • 1-1 1/2 day, the Stora Gla tour, appr 60 km, medium, mostly through deep forests with small lakes and tarns, you will pass Glava on your way, gravel and asphalt
  • 2 days, the Tenvik tour, appr. 55 km, difficult/tough, deep forests with lakes and tarns, cultural sights, mostly gravel road


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Glaskogen map

The Glaskogen map shows all the outdoor infrastructure in the nature reserve Glaskogen and all other information you need for your visit. Use the map for planning your tour and of course during your visit. The map is in English, waterproof and in the scale of 1:50 000. You can buy the map, our hiking tour leaflet and Glaskogen card and much more through the button below. We will send your order within 5 working days.

Glaskogen card

You buy the Glaskogen card when you hike, paddle, cycle and / or fish in the nature reserve and use firewood and fireplaces, wind shelters, overnight cabins, dustbins and toilets that are in the nature reserve.

Your contribution makes a difference and increases our opportunities to offer even better service in the future. All for you to have a magical and easy wilderness experience. The money paid for the Glaskogen card goes directly to the care and maintenance of the area.

Overnight stay a maximum of two days per place and time. The card is not valid for overnight stays at the campsite in Lenungshammar.

Children under 16 free. For a group discount, contact Glaskogen or a dealer.

Choose which variant of card you want to buy – day card, day card, three-day card, weekly card or annual card – fill in the name of the person who will have the card and fill in the date you arrive at Glaskogen.

The Glaskogen card can be bought at the following places:
The Glaskogen Infocenter in Lenungshammar, the tourist office in Arvika, Arvika Kanot- och Turistcenter, the petrol station in Glava and at Ica in Glava.