About Glaskogen nature reserve

The reserve was established in 1970 to preserve a large area of wilderness character and scenic environments and due to the area’s great importance to the public’s outdoor life.

Glaskogen is Värmland’s largest nature reserve. The area is in a hilly landscape and has several lakes. The two largest lakes are Stora Gla and Övre Gla.

Forestry is practiced in large parts of the area and you can see clearings. Only about 600 of the area’s scant 29,000 hectares are protected against felling according to reserve regulations, biotope protection and nature conservation agreements.

The Glaskogen nature reserve is part of the EU’s network of valuable nature, Natura 2000, with the Rödvattnet-Majendal area.

There are also four bird protection areas with access prohibited for parts of the year. It is forbidden to stay within these areas during the period 1 April – 31 August, except for the bird protection area in Lelången, where the prohibition period is instead 1 April – 31 July. Please note that the bird protection areas reach 100m out into the water.

Nature and animals

Experience primeval forest and listen to the birds

Glaskogen is located in the middle of the plant boundary for many northern and southern species. The plant life becomes very varied and interesting thanks to the fact that different plant zones meet here. Dwarf birch and willow grow here, which are normally found in northern Sweden. There are also special botanical sights such as the linden meadow at Gängene, the hazel grove at Kalleboda and the meadow at Halvardsnäs. If you want to experience old primeval forest, there is one at the height called Rödvattensberget in the south-eastern part of the reserve.

The bird life in Glaskogen is typical of the middle Swedish coniferous forest. Among others, pea warbler, three-toed woodpecker, red-winged thrush, bull crow, kingbird and thorn magpie breed here. Among the birds of prey, you can mainly see pigeon hawks, buzzards, bee buzzards, golden eagles and ospreys and some species of owls. Great loons and little loons have their territories at several of the lakes.


In Glaskogen there are 300 km of hiking trails and around 40 prepared wind shelters, fireplaces with wood, toilets, information signs and more. You can choose shorter day trips or hikes for several days.

There are also 150 km of paddling trails here on the large lakes Stor and Övre Gla as well as on the smaller lakes. The large lakes offer nice paddling in canoes and kayaks, while the smaller waterways are perfect for packrafting as there will be some land transports.

Do you want to fish? Then you can buy a fishing license that is valid for most of the 80 lakes in Glaskogen.

Information center in Lenunghammar

At Glaskogen’s Infocenter in Lenungshammar you can get help and information about outdoor life and everything that Glaskogen offers. The staff is happy to advise on suitable hiking trails, bike tours and canoe trails. Here you can also buy your Glaskogen conservation card, fishing license or your Glaskogen map, supplies for your trip and other goodies. The income from the Glaskogen conservation card is used to maintain the service available within the nature reserve

The Glaskogen conservation card– for hiking, breaks and overnight stays

You buy the Glaskogen conservation card when you are going to hike, paddle or cycle in the nature reserve and use firewood and fireplaces, windbreaks, overnight cabins, dustbins and toilets that are in the nature reserve.

Your contribution makes a difference and increases our opportunities to offer even better service in the future. Everything for you to have a magical and easy wilderness experience. The income from the Glaskogen conservation card goes directly to the care and maintenance of the area.


At the new fishing spot in Sigfridstorp, which was previously a timber yard, there is now an accessible bridge, toilet, barbecue area and several jetties that are easy to step on.

At the lake Lilla Rämmingen there is an accessible rest area with wind shelter, barbecue area and dry toilet.

Mobile coverage

Keep in mind that mobile coverage in the area is variable and in parts of the area there may be poor mobile coverage.

Take the bus to Glaskogen

Between June 24 and August 11, 2024, you can go by bus to Glaskogen, both from Karlstad and from Arvika. Visit Värmlandstrafik’s website to see the timetable and get more information about the bus line.

More about the summer bus to Glaskogen at www.varmlandstrafik.se