Experience the canoe routes in Glaskogen

The canoe routes in Glaskogen wilderness are an experience, and can be anything from shorter tours to somewhat longer ones with overnight stays. The strikingly beautiful nature and the clean lakes are an impressive feature on each tour. Perhaps you would like to try one of all the windbreaks or some of the overnight cabins the area has to offer.

Some suggestions for our most usual round tours in Glaskogen:

  • 2-3 hours, the Buvatten tour, easy, good for beginners
  • 1-2 days, the Övre Gla tour, medium, large lake that can become very windy on short notice
  • 2-3 days, the Stora Gla tour, medium, large lake. The eastern part of the lake is very beautiful
  • 4-5 days, the Lelången tour, medium/difficult, many small lakes, you need to lift the canoe between each lake. The tour can be shortened to three days.
  • To create longer tours, you can combine these with each other or with surrounding lake systems

Canoe and kayak rental

We have kayaks for two persons and kayaks for a single person. With the kayaks you get a paddle, life jacket, pump, floating device and sponge. All kayaks are good for beginners, in plastic and have a rudder.

A Linder aluminum canoe model Inkas 525, a canoe cart, paddles, a life-jacket, a sponge and a spade are included in the price. Because of safty reasons we do not rent out canoes not earlier than the13 th of May (depeding on water temperature).

When there s bad weather or low water temperature we don’t rent out any canoes for safety reasons.

Prices transport

Delivery: Only groups. Contact us for price and booking.


Telephone +46-570-440 70

Glaskogen conservation card

You buy the Glaskogen card when you hike, paddle, cycle and / or fish in the nature reserve and use firewood and fireplaces, wind shelters, overnight cabins, dustbins and toilets that are in the nature reserve.

Your contribution makes a difference and increases our opportunities to offer even better service in the future. All for you to have a magical and easy wilderness experience. The money paid for the Glaskogen card goes directly to the care and maintenance of the area.

Overnight stay a maximum of two days per place and time. The card is not valid for overnight stays at the campsite in Lenungshammar.

Children under 16 free. For a group discount, contact Glaskogen or a dealer.

Choose which variant of card you want to buy – day card, day card, three-day card, weekly card or annual card – fill in the name of the person who will have the card and fill in the date you arrive at Glaskogen.

You can also buy the permit via iFISKE.

Glaskogen map

On the Glaskogen Map You can see the small roads, resting places, hiking tracks, canoe routes, the overnight cabins and more. The map is trilingual and on the scale of 1:50 000. If You want to buy our map for planning the routs before coming here. You can choose to pay it with creditcard och directly to the bank.  We will send the prospect within 5 days.