Fire wood missing at following places (wind shelters)

Fire wood is missing at the following windshelters right now

7 Klädsträcksberget

10 Manjatjärn

20 Abbortjärn

28 Södra Sundsudden

32 Mjögtvängen

36 Holmtjärn*

39 Öjesjön* 

44 Svarthagstjärnet* 

48 Åltjärn*

49 Holmtjärn*

50 Stora Mörttjärn*

53 Älveberget

54 Lerviksudden

To get out fire wood to all places above is highly prioritised this spring. The information above is updated as soon as there are changes in the wood supply.

Places marked with * will not have firewood in spring 2024 but we are working on getting out fire wood to those places during summer 2024.

The wood is often wet this time of year. Take good lighting material with you to start a fire and remember to fire carefully and sparingly.

Best regards, team Glaskogen.